ACSDI will be closed Monday May 27.

We will be remembering and honoring those who so bravely served and sacrificed for our freedom, we sincerely thank you.

This is a great article in the Commercial Integrator published May 3, 2019, read it here.

ACSDI (really Kevin) had a bit to do with this part… ” The technology systems include 190 AMX devices and more than 300 endpoints, giving users the flexibility to distribute content to wherever it is needed on the campus, including for staff and player meetings.”

We are very proud of Kevin for the amazing control system he designed for this project. When I asked Kevin what it was like for him to work on such an enormous project he replied “I have been a Vikings fan since the late 60’s, it was very enjoyable to work on such a complex and highly visible system.”

On Thursday we celebrated the 16th birthday of ACSDI. Congratulations Palmer, you should be very proud of yourself for creating such a successful business. We all appreciate you.

On Wednesday we celebrated Nate’s 6 year anniversary with ACSDI. We can’t thank you enough Nate for your hard work and dedication. Your leadership with keeping us all organized and informed is invaluable to our success.

Meet Josh, the newest member of the ACSDI family. He is an excellent addition to our team and all of us are excited to have him on board!

We are proud to announce Guy received his Crestron Fusion Programmer certification on Monday!

In January (Iknow, I am a bit late posting this) we celebrated the ACSDI anniversaries of these three. Thank you guys for your hard work, dedication to making ACSDI such a success and for being so great to work with.

Jay, our PM & DSP programmer guru extraordinaire, celebrated 11 years.

Tyler, one of our amazing Crestron brainiacs, celebrated 6 years.

Guy, our whip-smart multi-talented Crestron & AMX programmer, celebrated 3 years.

All of us at ACSDI want to thank all of our customers for your continued trust in us! We look forward to working with you for many years to come.

For those of you who were around the Twin Cities in the ‘70s you may remember Palmer Harbison as the keyboard player for a locally famous band named Fairchild.  He didn’t become the world-famous rock star he thought he was going to be so naturally he went into the AV business.

Years later Palmer worked his way up (mostly on the weekends) getting certified as a Crestron programmer.  In 2003 things weren’t going well at the AV company where he was working so he decided to take a leap of faith and go out on his own.  Palmer set up an office at his home and on May 1st of that year an independent AV control programming business named Palmer Systems, Inc. was born.

A few months later he brought on programmer Kevin Lieder, rented some office space from a friend and changed the business name to Advanced Control Systems Design, Inc. (ACSDI)

As time went on and word got out that Palmer had started an independent programming company, business started to grow so he needed to hire another programmer and get a larger office.  He moved the business to one room at an old motel that was converted into offices in Plymouth. 

You probably know what’s coming next, he needed to hire more programmers, an Ops Manager to get everything organized and an even bigger office.  ACSDI moved three times within that old motel but finally out grew it and around 2013 moved to a bigger office in Minnetonka. In 2016 that space became too small because, yep you guessed it, ACSDI kept hiring and the business kept growing so he moved it again to St. Paul where it currently resides.

Even though Palmer says he didn’t really know what he was doing or have a business plan (go figure), the business kept growing.  His hard work and due diligence paid off, but it didn’t hurt that he was well connected in the AV industry.  They say it isn’t what you know but who you know that is important, right? For Palmer knowing both (& fate) has made him the proud, successful entrepreneur he is today.

If you are ever at a MN Wild hockey home game, look up at the organist and give Palmer a wave.

Most end users of an AV control system aren’t aware of the time consuming and expensive behind the scenes process that brought their touch panel to life.  The control system is the backbone of the integrated AV system.  A well-designed system is essential for a seamless and pleasant user experience.  It is imperative that each programmer understand every project to properly address the end users needs.  This is accomplished by many hours of collaboration with our customers and end users from the beginning to the completion of every project.   

As soon as the desired control functionality is understood the many hours of programming begins, long before the system is installed.  Once the installation process has started, the programmers are in constant contact with the on-site technicians helping to troubleshoot any issues that may arise to ensure the requirements have been met and the system performs as desired by the end user. 

ACSDI has been successful for over 15 years because our programmers go above and beyond to ensure each customer and each end user are satisfied with the end result.