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Not only do Nate & Tyler work out at the gym everyday to offset sitting in front of a computer all day, they decided to take the Tough Mudder challenge this year. It is a very intense 8.5 mile boot camp type course with 25 various difficult obstacles. We are very proud that these guys are staying fit and healthy. You can see why they call it “Mudder”.

Happy Independence Day!

We will be closed Thu July 4 & Fri July 5 so that our team can take a nice long well deserved weekend to celebrate with family & friends.

The talk at Infocomm 2019 was AV over IP and many AV over IP solutions were introduced, but what is it and how does it work?

 AV (Audio-Visual) over IP (Internet Protocol) is the transmission of audio-visual data over a network replacing the standard analogue audio-visual environments using standard network equipment to switch and transmit video and audio signals.  In both systems the hardware and requirements are very similar giving the users the ability to see and hear their audio-video sources on their systems by capturing, moving, switching and displaying.  In the AV over IP environment the Transmitters become Encoders, Receivers become Decoders and the matrix switcher becomes a standard IP switch controlled by software.

One of the benefits of AV over IP is cost savings.  A single Ethernet cable can now be used to power devices, send audio and video, and control a device.  No longer are multiple cable runs needed saving both materials and labor reducing the possible points of failure resulting in simplified troubleshooting.

Increased functionality is another benefit due to ethernet cables capacity of handling a greater amount of data than serial cable resulting in significantly faster communication speeds allowing all devices on a single network to be integrated with advanced functionality.  Also, by using IP control the devices can be managed from one location.

The best benefit is the improved quality due to the fact IP allows more data to be passed over a single cable enabling transmission of HD and Ultra HD signals as well as voice over IP.

These are just a few benefits out of many, it just gets better and better.

ACSDI will be closed Monday May 27.

We will be remembering and honoring those who so bravely served and sacrificed for our freedom, we sincerely thank you.

This is a great article in the Commercial Integrator published May 3, 2019, read it here.

ACSDI (really Kevin) had a bit to do with this part… ” The technology systems include 190 AMX devices and more than 300 endpoints, giving users the flexibility to distribute content to wherever it is needed on the campus, including for staff and player meetings.”

We are very proud of Kevin for the amazing control system he designed for this project. When I asked Kevin what it was like for him to work on such an enormous project he replied “I have been a Vikings fan since the late 60’s, it was very enjoyable to work on such a complex and highly visible system.”

On Thursday we celebrated the 16th birthday of ACSDI. Congratulations Palmer, you should be very proud of yourself for creating such a successful business. We all appreciate you.

On Wednesday we celebrated Nate’s 6 year anniversary with ACSDI. We can’t thank you enough Nate for your hard work and dedication. Your leadership with keeping us all organized and informed is invaluable to our success.

Meet Josh, the newest member of the ACSDI family. He is an excellent addition to our team and all of us are excited to have him on board!

We are proud to announce Guy received his Crestron Fusion Programmer certification on Monday!