Extron 525

Last month Extron announced the immediate availability of the TLP Pro 525M 5″ wall mount TouchLink Pro touchpanel. We redesigned this latest TouchLink Pro touchpanel inside and out with a new, high-performance quad-core processor, eight times more memory, and an 800×480 capacitive touchscreen built with scratch and smudge-resistant edge-to-edge Corning® Gorilla Glass®. The TLP Pro 525M also features the convenience of PoE – Power over Ethernet, which allows it to receive power and communication over a single Ethernet cable. It is ideal in any environment requiring a stylish, wall-mountable touchpanel with a fully-customizable control interface.

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On Monday we celebrated Kevin’s 15 year anniversary with ACSDI.

Kevin 15 yrs








Thank you Kevin for 15 years of hard work and dedication.  You are a pleasure to work with and we all appreciate your wisdom & humor.

When asked how it feels, he said “when you get older weeks fly by like days used to”.


In one word, patience.







AV control systems and DSP programmers are the very last in a long line of professionals involved in the AV systems installation process.  All the pressure is on them to bring the system to life (or bring it home as Palmer would say), make it work seamlessly and do it on schedule regardless of the delays that came before they were involved.

Schedules can be very tight for them. Here at ACSDI I am amazed at how our programmers remain cool and collected when the schedules change resulting in possibly requiring them to juggle four or five jobs at the same time.  They know that if they don’t deliver on time the installation technicians are non-productive, waiting for them to deliver and they are very aware and respectful of this.  They are constantly needing to re-prioritize and re-focus.  The focus that is needed is amazing and they handle interruptions and schedule changes with patience and grace.  That is a LOT of pressure!

I am proud to be a part of this company working with such a wonderful group of guys that work together, constantly helping each other out with no complaints.  These past few weeks all of them have worked many extra hours to bring the jobs in on time.

You guys are the BEST!

Of course, there are many more attributes that make a great programmer great but this month especially I have seen so much patience I needed to brag about it.

Today there are so many sophisticated and complex audio video systems.  The users vary from the inexperienced to the advanced therefore it is imperative the control system user interface is intuitive and easy to understand for all users.

2018-07-26 14_40_05-XPanel

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That is exactly what ACSDI does.  Our programmers work hard to keep the user interface experience as seamless and pleasant as possible by providing intuitive touch panel designs.

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Congratulations Tom and thank you
for 8 years of dedication.  All of us at
ACSDI really appreciate you!




Jay Q-Sys Lvl 2


ACSDI is proud to announce another successful
achievement this time by Jay. He completed the
QSC Q-SYS Level Two Advanced Applications course.

Congratulations Jay!

All of our programmers here at ACSDI are continuously striving to exceed our customers expectations on every project.  One way they do this is by continually successfully completing Extron, Crestron, AMX and DSP educational programs.




Today we are proud to
announce that Kevin Lieder
is now certified as a Extron
Control Specialist and
Authorized Programmer.







Palmer Harbison has completed
QSC Q-SYS Level Two Advanced
Applications training!

He wouldn’t let me take his pic.


Stay tuned for more news next week.

There has been excitement in our office this past week because our programmers are testing the Digital Media NVX by Crestron, they are loving it!

Crestron dm-nvx-350

The DigitalMedia NVX Series makes it possible to transmit stunning 4K60 4:4:4 HDR video over standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet, with no latency. DigitalMedia NVX Series provides an infinitely scalable network AV solution, from a simple point-to-point setup, to thousands of endpoints, and requires only DM® NVX Series Encoders/Decoders.

“DM NVX Series takes network AV to the next level, on the platform industry pros know and trust” said Steve Samson, Executive Director, Business Development at Crestron, “And, thanks to Crestron’s uncompromising approach to network security, only with DM NVX Series are you, your client and the video content on their network secure.”

Extron TLP Pro 725C

Extron Electronics has just introduced the TLP Pro 725C, a 7″ Series/2 Cable Cubby TouchLink Pro Touchpanel with a flip-up touchscreen built into an all metal cable access enclosure. Extron says it redesigned the TouchLink Pro touchpanel inside and out with a quad-core processor, eight times more memory and a 1024×600 capacitive touchscreen built with scratch and smudge-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass. Because it’s built into a Cable Cubby access enclosure, the TLP Pro 725C offers access to AC or USB power, data and a broad variety of AV connections. For fast installation an integrated clamp system quickly secures the enclosure to a furniture surface without the need for additional parts or tools.

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On January 22, 2018 QSC, LLC announced expanded control capabilities for its award-winning Q-SYS™ Platform. Designed for the IT and AV professional, the Q-SYS integrated audio, video and control platform offers a reimagined software-focused control paradigm including full-featured contemporary programming tools, native touch screen controllers, drag-and-drop visual programming capabilities, as well as flexible and scalable management and monitoring capabilities needed for today’s enterprise.


ACSDI will soon be a certified Independent Q-SYS programmer provider!

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